Climacophobia, Vertigo and Unflattering Angles

Do you remember watching Alfred Hitchcocks’s suspenseful movie Vertigo?  A complicated story surrounding a cop with a fear of heights and spiraling dizziness.  That’s how I feel when I see photos of staircases on the MLS. There’s even a name for fear of stairs. It is Climacophobia.  It is often traced back to an earlier trauma involving stairs.

Do you need to see photos of the stairs when house-hunting? I assume that if a house has a second story – there are stairs to get you there. If there’s a basement, there are certainly stairs. The problem lies in photographing the stairs. I’ve seen bad stair photos from both amateurs and professionals.  How do you make the stairs look appealing, without instilling the feeling of vertigo?  Do the photos of the stairs do anything to enhance the appeal of the house?

What’s your reaction when you look at these photos?  Should they be included or left off marketing material for the sale of a house?

The Eisenlauer Team would love to hear your feedback.


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